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don'tknow whats going on,ocd,add or paranoia?

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hey everyone. I forgetten I joined this forum last year. I have been diagnosed with several different disorders, but I don't know all that much about ocd. so I wanted to ask, does anyone that has ocd here deal with obsessive shopping ? I have always had a shopping problem, but it's worse. but I've been doing this weird thing where for months I will buy the same things over and over, whether I need them or not. I'm starting to become a hoarder. a couple of months ago all I bought was books, then puzzles, then it was clothes, the next month was knick-knacks. this week its been bath/hygiene products. is this a ocd or add thing? I can't stop. my room is a mess but I can't organize my thoughts for one second to clean it my mind spins and I get overwhelmed and quit, and I  also feel paranoid of  everyone lately that their agianst me, and i'm even afraid to check the mail after dark, . especially since I moved out of the city apartment in my new trailer 8 months ago. I have been off my depression ,bi-polar and anxiety medcines for about 8 months because I have no insurance anymore. i'm wondering if I was wrongly diagnosed. I don't know what to do, feel like i'm losing it. i feel so pathetic i can't even manage a messy room. im just tired i wish i could sleep for the next year,  the only place i feel safe is in bed. i feel nothing can harm me there, as long as i lock everything down like fort-knox. sorry if none of this makes sense. i need some insight.imbeen lashing out all the time at everyone.

i=going crazy



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I do believe that hoarding can be a part of OCD.


As far as being overwhelmed at cleaning, well that happens to me too. I'm not sure of the cause. It could be multiple variables at work here.


Can you go to a county clinic for services on a sliding scale fee? That is what I do and I get a lot of good services.

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