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Waking up tired

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Everyday I wake up tired like exhausted I feel like I haven't slept most of the time it takes me hours to get up I Downloaded a iphone app called sleep101 and it records your sleep and it shows that I am likely awake every half an hour or so I move around alot at night and it takes me hours to get to sleep

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I don't know how much I would trust these apps because I don't know how they work. However, there's obviously something wrong if you feel this way. Actually I have been feeling the same way for about 2 weeks now to the point where i had to call in sick to work because I can't function. My pdoc prescribed some modafinil and it seems to work to some extent. However, I still feel tired and don't know whether it's depression or just exhaustion. I'm going to do a sleep study and would advise the same to you if you have an opportunity to do it.

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