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its a cold and lonely saturday night here in NH, and i'm feeling pretty low. i just wish someone would hold me while i fell asleep. i had a rather crappy night and work, and coming home only to dick around on the computer then fall asleep at 11pm is just depressing. what a great way to spend my youth...just tell me you love me. please. you don't even have to mean it.

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I'm sick and have taken a bunch of Vicks and am not very lucid.

But I am sending good thoughts your way. 

Can you do anything nice for yourself?  Get yourself a bowl of ice cream and curl up and read, or watch tv, etc?  Take a bubble bath?  You had a crappy day and you definitely deserve to do something nice for yourself.

The weather gets to me, too. 

Sorry.  Brain not working well.

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Cold and windy here, too.  I was outside a little while ago with my dog and you can feel winter coming in the air.

I hope there's somebody out there for you and I hope you're ready when that person crosses your path!  Then you'll have someone for those cold NH nights.  Your youth ain't over yet.

So I hope it's soon.  And we are a poor substitute, but a cyber-friend is a friend.

Sleep well-


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I love you, too.  And I really do mean it.  I'm just warm and fuzzy that way.

Loneliness has got to be the worst feeling in the world.  But please know that you aren't alone.  We're here.  And we're listening.  And we've been there, too.

*holds you while you fall asleep*

Please post in the morning and let us know how you're doing.



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I love you. I'd hold you if I could.

Please don't think you're alone. You're not, ok?

But do go to sleep. The thoughts that visit us in the darkest hours of night are usually not pleasant, fulfilling ones. Put on your warmest pj's, drink something hot, pile on the blankets, grab an interesting book, and climb into bed.

And we'll all climb in with you!


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