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How could I just grab a knife and seriously cut?

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I have been baffled about an incident that happened yesterday. I saw a big lovely knife on top of my microwave and for some reason was inclined to take it out of its sheath and glide it across my wrist. I really wanted to see blood, but I stopped. What possessed me?

I was basically ambivalent about doing it or not. I have never really been so fascinated with knives. I have Bipolar II , and I am "stable" at the moment. I am not having suicidal thoughts, but I am feeling the temptation to use that knife.

What the hell is wrong with me, and where did this come from? Any ideas ?

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Intrusive thoughts happen like that, sometimes. They can be really scary and upsetting, so I hope that you're okay now and have calmed down a little bit.

They tend to be something worth mentioning to your care providers, because they don't always go away on their own, and can become harder to identify as intrusive thoughts.

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I applaud you for not doing it. Instead of trying to figure out Why you thought of it remember Why you didn't. Even just now think of how weird it made you feel just having the thought of doing that. It wouldn't turn out better if you did.

Congrats on doing Well I hope you continue. I'm not trying to tell you to ignore it but becarful because working on it could be could be triggering. Stay strong

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