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New to the neighborhood.

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Hi Everyone. 


I found CB through Crazymeds. Grateful for all of it.


I have been depressed [though functional] all my life. Never tried meds until a family physician prescribed Wellbutrin for me 5 months ago (150 mg/once a day). I became Exceedingly Happy and Motivated overnight. In May at the 5 month mark after a series of bad news pile ons I felt myself becoming increasingly less able to concentrate and hypomanic. I went in search of a new dr as my last therapist I was seeing for 10 years had his license yanked for sleeping with a patient. 


Mr. new Pdoc took me off Wellbutrin two weeks ago and would like me to try Lamictal or Cymbalta. Life threatening rashes are a deterrent but then again so is feeling this apathetic. Every day I feel myself slipping back to that place. In the meantime, trying not to self medicate with Happy Hour every evening.


If anyone is up for it- I would love to hear about your experiences with either of these medications.







BP-NOS or Cyclothymia or some variation

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I love lamictal personally. I never got a rash or any rash for that matter when starting it up. You have to titrate it very slowly so it will take awhile for you to get to a therapeutic dose. I'm on 400mg but have been taking it off and on for like 7 years I do believe. Could be wrong though.

And I've been on Wellbutrin in the past and it can speed one up and give you more energy. But now I'm on Effexor XR which is an SsNRI like cymbalta. It is different than Wellbutrin.

Anyways, your mileage may vary. I'm just sharing what has worked for me.

I hope you find some relief soon!

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Vexed, welcome to Crazyboards.  Please be sure to read the user agreement so you understand how we operate. 


I can't advise you on the meds, but I imagine other members will write about their experiences.


Good luck and I hope you enjoy hanging out with us.



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