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best SSRI for inattentive ADD?

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Do you take an ADD med?

Would the ssri be for depression or anxiety or?

For anxiety all of the ssris may work well though the more sedating ones might get to the anxiety better. (like paxil, celexa, lexapro)

If you are thinking of something for depression and to augment ADD you might look into cymbalta for focus and cognitive help. It is an SNRI and hits the norepinephrine first and then kicks in with some seratonin reuptake too.

Check out the ADD and the SNRI boards for more info.

Prozac seems to be one I have noticed lots of ADD'ers on also. It is more stimulating.


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like said before, ssris do not help add at all. especially inattentive add, which I have.

I was taking zoloft & I think it actually made parts of my add worse. if you are truly add, and are seeking pharmacuetical help, you need a stimulant. the other options are wellbutrin & strattera.

i recommend a stimulant first. once i added adderall to my zoloft, i've been doing really great

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I've already tried all the stimulants offered for ADD.  They do not work for me and it's my personal decision right now is to only take an SSRI...celexa stimulates my brain and I can remember and think better, but it gives me lots of anxiety and i also can't crack jokes for some reason, which is profoundly too bothersome for me...since the only thing I live for is the funnies. 

Lexapro makes me too sleepy and I can't think that well since I'm sooo extremely tired and exhausted. 

And I think it is untrue that SSRI's cannot help with inattentive ADD, as I see it helps with me some. 

I'm off all meds now, but I'm thinking of maybe trying Prozac.  I do not want to feel like crap for 5 weeks while I wait for its effectivness to kick in, however.  So that's also an issue I'm debating in my deceision to take Prozac or not.  Celexa/Lexpapro, for me, takes about a week to work. 

Off subject, what can a person with inattentive ADD do in life? I have a lot of trouble reading and understanding things and remembering them.  Right now I don't even know how I would go about finding a job since I know there are many occupations which I would detrimentaly fail at. So out of curiosity, what type of work are people with inattentive ADD doing?????????

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When I was working, I did ok with mechanical engineering and design. People expect engineers to be a bit spacy. However, getting through college was very hard, even though public schooling before that only used a small fraction of my brain. I dropped out for a long time, and did drafting, which wasn't so bad and didn't really require anything besides my high school drafting classes and an inclination for it. I did space out a lot, but I guess I was productive enough the rest of the time. Would involuntarily design model airplanes if I had too much lettering to do. (We switched to doing it on computers while I was in that job.) You need to pick something that interests you, or else you will have trouble getting much done, I think, although as a second choice work that involves moving around may help focus you. Making things (i.e. with tools and your hands) can be very satisfying, but it tends not to pay. Unless you are a carpenter, I suppose, and then you'd better watch out for those fingers. I still have all my fingers despite much experience with power tools, but I always have some fear if I'm using a table saw or a chain saw. Watching my Dad with power tools scares me. I think he has something like my ADD, but has never treated it. He tends to be kind of rigid and impatient, and I think he used to hyperfocus a bit at work. Big temper too, but he made some pretty good money in management. However, I think his grumpiness and productivity may have come from the same place.

Have you considered Welbutrin? A friend reports that she feels much more focused on it. I seem to at least have more energy, tho I still have trouble directing it. I do much better directing my energy when I have a job. I've heard other reports that some people do well with it.

So I guess you've already tried Adderall or Dexedrine and obviously some form of Ritalin? I recall there are some other suggestions in Delivered from Distraction.

It's not technically a stimulant, but have you tried Strattera?

I've heard that in some cases beta blockers can help, but I think that may be more with hyperactive or angry types.

Also, if none of this works, exercise helps some. And a lot with mood and energy. I highly recommend it.

As far as SSRI's, depression can make you spacier than you already are, and SSRI's can help with that part.

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