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After 13 yrs finally switching dr!

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I don't know what took me so long. I have known for many years my pdoc is ineffective and should have retired many yrs ago. I am hopeful that my meds will change for the better as my BP moods are not stable. One week I will be in bed all day and night and quickly change to spending hundreds of $$ out partying with my husband ( who isn't diagnosed with BP, but ADD) we are quite the pair! We think our behavior of excess is because we just quit years of cocaine use and we have been hibernating in our house. Now we actually get out and socialize but go crazy with alcohol and $$. We are working towards a happy medium. Anyhow I had applied for disability but am kinda hoping that with new medical care I can stabilize and get back into the workforce. Especially since we are trying to get back our lives and we are also going to chuch again and exercising and just trying to better our lives.

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