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CBD, compound from Cannabis has Antipsychotic properties

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Supposedly the compound has antipsychotic properties, no side effects and may effectively treat negative symptoms of

schizoaffective/schizophrenia, which is why I'm interested. I have really bad anhedonia, and it has been there for four years.

I'm hoping that this compound can effectively treat my anhedonia. You can actually buy the stuff here, but it might be expensive:


[link to questionable online pharmacy removed --VE]


Do you think I would test positive on a drug test if I took this stuff?

Besides this CBD, I'm waiting for Bitopertin, hoping for relief from anhedonia...


Any thoughts, please share...

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i can actually testify that my freinds (at the time) weaksauce homegrown bubblegum cheese had breifly cured me after a joint, because it was early in the grow and the thc crystals had not fully developed. voices were literally destroyed in my head and the peace and relief continued for a few days. im on a paliperidone injection which just makes you grow man boobs, gain weight, get fake diabities (high blood sugar) and the off label sterilisation of the testicles.


the cbd effects were almost instant. paliperidone takes 2 months to come into effect, i know what id rather have.

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I believe in drug tests they test for THC not CBD.  CBD is a non psychoactive part of the cannabis plant.  Its been proven to counteract the psycho activity of THC.  I am schizoaffective and have had the opportunity to try a high % CBD strain OG Kush x Blueberry.  The way the cannabinoid receptors act if you are feeling one emotion like anger too much, it alleviates the emotion and balances you out making you feel level.  It is not 100% symptom free however, there were times I felt paranoid of my surroundings but its all up to the amount or dose you take.  Usually one to two hits off a vaporizer or joint can medicate me nicely.  Anymore and I'm asking for trouble.  As high doses can exacerbate symptoms in schizoaffective people.  

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