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I talked with my pdoc a couple of months back and he told me since I had been stable for so long and not hearing or seeing anything that I could start weaning myself off Risperdal. He told me to break my 2mg pill in half for a week and then if I feel that I am doing ok still that I could stop it.

Well the first time I tried I was in a depressed state so it didn't work but now I am great and I weaned myself down finally and it's my final day. Does anyone think the pdoc will get angry I weaned off a second time on my own intuition? I mean it was his idea in the first place. Well anyone with comments feel free.Btw I feel great!

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I dont see why you doing it on your own terms should make him upset with you as he gave you the okay in the 1st place.


Or did he think you wouldnt after the 1st attempt didnt work out? That would make your concern more understandable, but either way it would be unprofessional of him to be upset with you over this.


How are your symptoms?


You might have to run this by your doctor 1st but I have found Fish oil 4-9grams per day to be an excellent mood stabilizer.

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