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Day 8 Effexor on top of my Adderall - Please let this be the one!

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After trying numerous different drugs I finally did a ton of research and asked my P-Doc about Effexor.  He was reluctant at first and then realized it would probably be a good fit.


He put me on 37.5 once a day for 7 days and then 37.5 twice a day

This is on top of my 30mg Adderall IR twice a day


First off... I noticed the effect of the medication IMMEDIATELY.  Not so much mood per se, but energy.  But for me, a boost in energy = a boost in mood.


Yesterday I did 37.5 twice  (one hour prior to my Adderall dosings as I was told never together.


It's almost as if this drug acts as speed?  Or a catalyst for the Adderall.  Regardless... This morning I woke up and I have to say... I feel FAN - F#$#ING - TASTIC!!!!!    Sweet mother of all things holy please tell me this is the sweet spot.  Tell me this is what I needed.  Tell me I'm not jumping the gun and getting my hopes up.


Seriously, I feel amazing.  Could this be the results of the drug?  


Hopefully things don't change too drastically over the next few weeks.


Most importantly, the sexual side effects I previously had with SSRIs don't seem to be present.  I don't climax at the drop of a hat, but I can get to climax and when I do it's earth shattering.  (like leg-thrashing, toe curling good... I can deal with this!!!)


I had someone tell me today that I looked amazing.  fingers crossed.


ok... piss in my Wheaties... rain on my parade... let me down easy.   I'm just hoping the past few days (especially today) have not been a fluke.  I seriously seriously seriously seriously need this.

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If I can make it through another 48 hours I can say this will be the first full week in almost a year that I've been absolutely, incredibly, hands down, omfg I'm back... HAPPY

And it's amazing... a year of people saying "You can't move on to a relationship until you're happy with yourself" and I was always "WTF does that mean"


I can't tell you how many people have told me how great I look.  I um can't tell you how many times I've been hit on.   I went months and months and months of just feeling like shit, and depressed, and yadda yadda....    I have 4 guys trying to get me to go out with them.   Really?   (and it's funny because I gave up and just said it is what it is)      I'm still a bit gun shy...  

please please please please please don't let this feeling end or poop out


On a different note...    not sure if I should create a new post...   I've been happy before, never this happy...  is Effexor going to be a life long commitment?   I also have concerns about my heart.  It just seems like it's been fairly rapid off and on.    I have a physical in a few months and will follow up then.



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