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Ok, so quick story. I am bipolar type II with panic attacks. I have found a combo that's worked great for me which is 300 mg wellbutrin and 300 seroquel and Ativan or klonopin when needed.

Recently my doctor increased my dose of seroquel to 400 mg to combat paranoia. Since then, every time I take seroquel I am greeted with a flood of anxiety, difficulty swollowing, heaviness and lethargy. After I fall asleep about an hour later I wake up with shortness of breath, numbness all over my body, basically a panic attack. I have been panic free for so long and now it's back full force. Shortness of breath, fear, worry, choking, and numbness.

Now is this from the seroquel dose change? Has anyone ever experienced anxiety/panic/fear/worry while taking seroquel?? It's always right after I go to sleep, which is right around when I take seroquel.

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I get very similar symptoms after I take my Seroquel at night. These side effects have become so bothersome that after taking Seroquel for the last 14 years I am going to ask my pdoc to take me off it. Definitely tell your pdoc about what you are experiencing. These side effects are probably the result of your dosage increase and it's very possible they could go away with a little time.

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Difficulty swallowing, heaviness, lethargy, numbness all over are like what I experienced at 200mg and I most definitely would not call what I had a panic attack. It was a side effect of the med. Seroquel is bad juju for me.


The problem is probably your dose increase. Seroquel is a weird med. It works differently in your body at different doses.


Call your psychiatrist. Talk about trying your old dose again. You should not have to experience the reactions you are having.

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