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I confess! I have 2 usernames on CB

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Thank you Josie. It makes me feel a lot better that you said that.

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Goldfish, the boards are asynchronious... not like chat where things happen in real time.


You said something that was very offensive. And people are responding to it.


I see that you are acknowledging an error.


And it takes time for the consequences of our actions to settle out.


Just like BorderlineChick will have to deal with the outcomes of having two accounts and how that affects people's perceptions of trust.




I'd like to redirect this thread back to the OP and the issue of two accounts.

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Oh, because no one who is manic ever posts long lengthy diatribes about changing the world in the news section, or elsewhere! Like, that so never happens!

We're on a site called Crazyboards. Crazy. Happens. It's sort of exactly what we do here. Goldfish, if you have a problem with the fact that sometimes crazy spills all over the place, including yours, then that is your problem to get over.

OP, I'm glad that you told us. How is it now, knowing that we know?


Fwiw I the planetary system have two accounts. Generally speaking this one is for the adults here, and the other one is for the teens, who seem to stick to our blog anyway.

So, since folks seem to want staff input on the rules around namings, here are some guidelines:


You are using multiple accounts in good faith when:

- You have something extra private to say that you don't want associated with you, or not immediately associated with you

- You are multiple and different people want or need different accounts


You are using multiple accounts in bad faith when:

- You are using your new account to get around a chat or site ban

- You are using your new account to troll either your main account or someone else


I'm sure that there's more, but I need to go to work now, so I'll update this list in about 14 hours or so.



All of what Rosie said here applies.


This means that we would consider this particular case of two accounts as being in good faith, because it was made to admit something extra-private and work that one out.  Hell, even more so now that Borderline Chick has become clean.


Confessing about stuff to do with our behaviours in relation to our Dx is undeniably going to happen.  It's a fact of this website.  We can't just make a fenced-off BPD-only area and enforce some sort of shitty rules saying 'if you're BPD you only talk about it in here.'  That is not how this site works.


Some people get confused as to where to post in this site.  EG: they think if they have BP then everything they post should go in the BP forum, when really that is not the case.


This is the confessional.  This user is confessing to using two accounts, and that includes some reasons why.  That is exactly how to use this forum and this site.  This is not some sort of 'non-BPD-folks-only drinking fountain.'


I was heavily abused by someone with a severe mood disorder while I was growing up, and I was spiritually abused as well.  I don't go around dictating where folks with BP should be posting, or when people can bring up Christian references either (even though that latter bit can still sometimes be triggering to me.)  I don't care that you've already apologised, I saw what further comments you made in chat and those comments make this apology here worth shit -- it's like you didn't mean a word of the apology here.


Borderline Chick, I think it's good progress for you to admit to your two accounts.  I totally understand why you made them.  I think some of us may have guessed it already, but purposefully kept silent because it was clear you wanted to work something out without having it connected to your main account.  That is perfectly allowable on CB.  Please do continue to post to CB; I hope you have seen that we don't put up with judgmental bullshit from people who don't get it.

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I have another account, called DieAgnosis :)

Didn't realise it wasn't allowed, feel free to ban it if necessary

Edited by Sanity

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I agree Laboo that it would be too much hassle for me! I couldn't keep two usernames straight. LOL People would figure out right away that it was Cheesy in disguise lol!

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