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Long distance relationships?

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Is anyone else here in a long distance relationship? 

I've been in one for the past month with someone I have never met and probably will not meet until next autumn due to money and distance (2300 km between us). 
We talk to each other on skype every day and I feel very happy with him, but I'm scared that distance and my mental health issues (and his, a little) might make this a lot harder. 
I mean, I miss the physical side of things a lot and I tend to express my affection more physically than verbal, which really is difficult to do over skype xD

I'm really just looking for some input from people who are currently in long distance relationships and maybe someone who was in a LDR and is now living together? 
Do you think not seeing each other for that amount of time could work?

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My ex-h and I had a LTR for 2 years while I finished college. Upon graduation I moved in with him. We lived together for 5 years and then got married. Unfortunately to everything going wrong we divorced 5 years later.


Im currently chatting with a dude who lives 1/2 the globe away. Its purely friendship as he says he doesn't want to date a crazy lady. I met him here in CA and we hung out all the time. Then he had to go back to his country for work. He's coming back to the US and i am super infatuated with him. We have sort of talked about things to do when he comes back, but nothing serious. We've been chatting for a year.



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We had a long distance relationship for two years - Pac NW to AZ.  We saw each other a lot, almost every month.  We took a road trip together.  We spent hours talking on the phone.  He sent me romantic cards.  After two years we married and that was 16 years ago.


It is expensive.  It helps if you can see each other often.

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Not to rain on your parade either, but I was in one that ended badly. I think part of it is you're not physically around one another often enough to see red-flags...and if you do pick up on them, you kind of ignore them(at least I did) because you have this big thing all built up in your mind and can't risk destroying that perfect image you have of the person...


I think if you two are committed to one another and making it work and are open about everything, you could be happy :) Both people have to be committed to openness and there has to be a long-term goal to work towards--like living in the same city, or living together, or what have you...

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I have been in multiple LDRs which started online.  Only one of them made the transition to in-person living-together, despite most of them lasting over a year.


I just don't have very much faith in looking for affection somewhere where one of the primary modes is taken away from me.  That having been said, believe it or not, the relationship that made the transition to in person has been my longest lasting so far.


Regardless, I'm now trying to find a place with someone I met on OKCupid and in person after less than a week of back & forth emails.  Yes, technically he was an 'ldr' because I had to drive 100 miles/135km every time I wanted to visit him.  THE HORROR, right?  I'm rolling my eyes because the first online LDR I was serious about, he lived in London and that was something like 4000+km/2500+miles away.

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i actually had once. i'm form BD and he is in USA. this is really hard. like there night here morning and it is also not possible for him to talk with me all the time. after a long time we think that it will be best if we not continue this. then we just broke up. and now we both are happy. talk sometimes. thats all.

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