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I've quit soda before, but only the caffeinated version. Now it's my goal to go off all soda entirely, eventually. My goal is to make it to June 28th, cheat on my vacation (until July 6th), then go totally off it again. 


I was wondering if you have any tips for quitting the soda. I've been having a lot of trouble with not drinking it lately. I let myself cheat on vacation and found myself going back to having four cups a day. Obviously, that's not healthy to maintain over time... so I was hoping you all had some support even though it's not alcohol. 


Any advice appreciated. If this is in the wrong forum please let me know. 


Just trying to figure out how to start again.



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I drink lime flavored carbonated water instead of soda.  I get the satisfaction of the carbonation and some flavor without any calories or artificial sweeteners.  I also drink diet Gatorade, "Gatorade G2" which has about 30 calories per serving and some electrolytes.  When I first quit soda, I found that having a replacement/alternative was essential.

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My Back Story:

I am also gluten intolerant, and I have found qutiing caffeine, and actually soda completely has been a bih help on my health. At one point in time I was drinking about 40-60 Oz. of soda a DAY!! And Dark soda at that, which is sooooooooo fucking hard on my system. At one point when I was extremely ill (and doctors haven't figured me out yet), so I decided to quit cold turkey on caffeine. Until this year I was caffeine free for 3 years. And I felt great!


My advice though, if you feel like I do on soda, is to get off of it and never go back. Not even to "cheat". Because once you start once more, and taste it again, you willl want more, and more. Until you find yourself once again addicted.


Why do I say that? Well...


I did the hard part, and quit ALL soda and drank nothing but water. 2 L of water a day, actually. After a while I felt great, but when I had a taste of  soda I remembered how much I liked it. At first it was just Sprite, which is very low on calories per bottle and has no caffeine. But that one soda led to another, the almighty horrific dark sodas. I still stay away from caffeine because it makes me feel god aweful, but I now find myself addicted to root beer.

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I haven't ever drank a lot of soda but wanted to wish you the best of luck. 


Also, would sparkling mineral water be a good substitute? I'm thinking of San Pellegrini, Perrier type stuff. Even if you got hooked on that I don't think it's any less healthy than plain spring water. I think I heard someone say they drank that when they missed the "fizz" of soda. 


Again, good luck!

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Thanks a lot, guys!

My motivation for quitting would be that I don't feel as well when I drink soda. That said, I'd like the ability to drink soda sometimes, perhaps once a week or so. This time I was struggling a bit, so right now my goal is to make it until vacation. I like the suggestions for the alternative drinks and will have to check them out. Eventually, it is my goal to go off soda, although I see that as being a bit more down the road.


I appreciate all the responses.

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I plan on stopping dri king diet dr pepper. I drink more than a 2 liter/day.it isn't good for me and now that I am on disability I really can't afford it. I bought a large package of tea bags to make iced tea. Still caffeine but not nearly as bad.

I find that as long as I have a dri k in my hand I don't craze soda.

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