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Weight Maintenance

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I have recenty made huge progress in recovery. I've changed my thoughts from being "I need to lose weight" to I need to maintain this weight within a range of 3 pounds. It turns out I'm having trouble keeping weight on because the fear is I'll go instantly over. Then when I end up below my range and bordering unhealthy I panic and go into full blown bulimia mode for a day or two. That normally makes me gain back the weight.

It seems like my plan to maintain has only intensified my eating disorder and the compulsions. I have an appointment with a specialist next week but I would like to make more progress first. Any advice on where I can go from here would be appreciated.

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I'm glad you will get to see a specialist next week, and I hope that proves to be very helpful. 


For me, it took a couple months of seeing that my weight was not going to magically balloon up overnight for me to trust that my weight could, in fact, be maintained.  Once I had the experience of maintaining, despite the occasional binge or instance of eating too much/too little food, it helped calm the fear of having my weight skyrocket. 


Also, getting on the scale less often really helped.  If you aren't hopping on the scale more than once a week, then it is harder to be freaked out by minor fluctuations in weight. 


I wish I had better advice.  I do think that you should feel proud of the progress that you have made so far in your recovery!

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I must confess I weigh too often. I'll try my best to cut down because that makes a lot of sense.


I should think of these things but my eating disorder has blurred a lot of the lines for what's normal behavior over the years.


Thank you for the reply lifequake.

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