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Hello fellow 'crazy' people!

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Hello I'm coffecat. I'm 21 & I work in a cafe. I found this web page when I went looking for information about pristiq.

Getting other people's take on the drug was really helpful. I might not have stuck it out through the first week of side effects if I hadn't found this site. On week three now & feeling a lot better.

I've been dealing with depression, anxiety, a little PTSD, & on again-off again suicidal tendencies since I was about 13. I've always muddled through on my own, but a lot of rough stuff has happened lately (my grandpa has cancer, as does my bf's mom with whom I live, one of my close friends died, & I've had to take on a lot of responsibility at work, which stresses me out because I'm a perfectionist & a people pleaser). Oh, I also have daddy issues & find it nearly impossible to trust men.

My depression became impossible to deal with. I was thinking about giving up on life pretty much all the time. So I decide it was time for a change & started seeing a therapist. I've only seen her twice, but so far I love her & I think she can really help me sort through all my emotional baggage. But she does not prescribe medication, which I felt like I needed to avoided offing myself before I could get a handle on every thing. So I got a prescription from my GP.

The side effects were awful the first week; overwhelming nausea & shakiness were the main problem. I had to miss two days of work because I felt so sick. Luckily I have understanding coworkers who helped me out, & a friend I trust enough to tell about the AD helped me through as well.

Right now it feels like the depression comes & goes. I'll feel really happy & have lots of energy, or I'll feel vaguely sad & tired. But that's a significant improvement on how I felt before, & I'm not constantly thinking about giving up. So all in all I'm doing ok at the moment. Hopefully with therapy & a little help from my friends I can get back to a healthier state of mind!

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Hello and Welcome to CB!


It sounds like you have been proactive with your treatment.  I'm sorry there are so many difficult things going on in your life right now.


We ask all our members to read the User Agreement so you know how we do things around here.


Be sure to check out chat and our blog section.

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  It sounds like you are taking some positive actions to improve your life, and that's a really good thing!  I'm glad you found us on the internet and I hope you enjoy meeting your fellow crazies.



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I love coffee and cats so I think your username is the shit. But you could very well mean "cat" in reference to yourself as a human because people used to say that shit, I guess. WOW, I am articulate today.


Either way, welcome to the boards!

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