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anhedonia on sertraline

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I see my psychiatrist in a few days and my meds need changing, I cant handle this anhedonia anymore I either need to lower my sertaline perhaps to 150mg or I need to add bupropion or modafinil.

Or perhaps pristiq.


I know I am low on dopamine but I wonder what being low on norepinephrine feels like...

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I saw my psychiatrist and we dont have bupropion approved here only zyban as anti-smoking cause of the seizure risk.


Zoloft is being lowered to 150mg and I am back on 2mg risperidone for non bizzare paranoid delusions.


He said to see him again in a month and perhaps consider changing anti psychotics or try going off them again.


He also said that the anhedonia shouldnt be because of zoloft and its because I am avoidant.

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