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want my stamina back

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I used to be so zealose about working. I enjoyed it and it conformed me into a person that had great self esteem. Relaxing the face and muscles. Ever since I went on risperdal which was the first med I was on. Everything went to hell. I do not know why other then the risperdal zapped all of the emotions I had....it's funny that I never dealt with pure o to the extreme I did until I got on that AP. I had went thru little fits of thinking I was going blind or was I having a heart attack or did I have cancer. But as soon as I laid off the hardcore drugs. All that went away. I went to go see a eye doctor about my eye's and he said they where fine, and that was the end of that obsession....You know I have healed a lot in the five years of the pure o but not where I want to be, like if I never had the thoughts because they where so traumatizing. Does anybody here feel that maybe since psych med's are potent, like hardcore drugs. That maybe they where effected by them in a negative light?

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Some people find that they absolutely need psych meds to function. Some people find that they are able to benefit enough from other types of therapies to not need psych meds to function at their best anymore.


Anytime we take a med for something, we have to balance the risks and side effects against the main and intended effects to see what gives us the best shot at a decent quality of life.


As bluechick said, it's definitely a pdoc issue.

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Talk to your psychiatrist about your side effects objectively, not complainingly.


Ask about trying to adjust your cocktail. Let your pdoc be your doctor. Let him formulate the plan. If your pdoc is locked on this particular cocktail, ask for an explanation. If the explanation doesn't make sense and your pdoc is not willing to work on attempting to adjust meds to reduce side effects, then consider seeing a different psychiatrist. If you have been trying different meds, give them a long enough trial and be glad you have a pdoc who is willing to work with you on trying new meds.


The purpose of meds is to give us fully functioning lives. That should be your treatment goal.


Keep in mind that illness and psychology factor. Meds are not always the cause of "side effects" and more than meds usually is necessary for a high functioning life. Exercise, diet, attitude, approach to problems/stress come in to play.


If you are still smoking dope, then start by adjusting that med away. It can be very zombifying. (Sorry if I have this wrong, but I seem to recall that it you've smoked recently or it hasn't been that long since you last got high.)

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four months ago was the last time I smoked weed. All it does is put me in depersonlization. Other then that I haven't used DXM in like a year. And I have just been going thru the meds...At some point I do take more then I am supposed to for feeling like crap. But this month I have not. I know it's just a get out and do it type thing". and that I need to stop making excuses to why I haven't done anything.....I guess I was just happier then and I need to accept that that time has passed.

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