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Does Seroquel cause sexual dysfunction?

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I never had a problem with it and I was on 600 mg at one point.


It's incredibly rare as far as I know to have a problem that does not go away when you stop the med.  If you are really sick, honestly it's not worth passing on something that might really help - or at least, it wouldn't be worth it to me.

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I think the only antipsychotic that causes sexual dysfunction is Risperdal because it affects prolactin levels, which is what causes the dysfunction.  I don't believe Seroquel has this property, but you could look that up just to make sure.

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Been on the old and new seroquel for a number of years up to 1200mg at one point. Does NOT cause sexual side.effects for me.

FWIW just try it and if it does effect your sex life then no harm done go off it and never use it again.

The only side effects irreversible on antipsychotics are TD and diabetes.

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