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I just wanted to "try" cigarettes to see what they are like about a year ago and now I am addicted.

I tried the gum and now the patches(the strongest strength) and they do not seem to make any difference.

The part that sux the most is it's costing me money and the inevitable increase in price makes things worse. Taxing the hell out of cigarettes so we can't afford it doesn't really help me quit coz in the end ill have to find other ways of getting the money(selling my fridge and TV - OUCH)

How on earth am I going to quit now? As it is no longer "cool" to smoke?

If things get worse I'll end up rolling my own...

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Yeah, my kid (w/ MI) was a roller out of spite to the tobacco industry (hah...that showed 'em), but has now quit.

I tried chewing but that is just as bad, and 10 times more gross.

I wish you the best.  I think you have to get to a stable point in your life, which is elusive for me, and then go cold turkey.

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E-cigs. Yes. Worked for me for a few years until I was too embarrassed to use them at bars and would smoke real cigarettes, then switched back to those, stupidly. Though the E-cigs were rather good for a long time. . . the initial cost is a bit much (I guess, depending on what class you're in. I'd assume since you're considering rolling your own that you're about where I'm at) BUT, the money you save over the years after that is tremendous, considering that you purchase a QUALITY e-cig. Which I did. Either way, worked better than the patches, so I liked them. Need to get back on them. $50-70 to start up and you can manage it for fairly low prices from then on, if you know exactly what to do. And I do, if you need help and are interested, PM me. This isn't spam, I've been here long before I quit smoking. . . the first time. Eh. I'm not a good salesperson, but that's not really what I'm trying to accomplish.

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A combination of gum, chantix, and e-cigs seems to be making a difference for me. And once you do quit, my advice is to never touch one again. Cigs are almost as addictive as heroin, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

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I agree with talking to your doctor.  People don't realize that you need help to get off nicotine---it's not unlike getting off any other addictive drug.  My counselor in the Quit Program i went to told me that nicotine is almost as addictive as heroin and its worse in some ways---because it's legal.


I went through 3-4 weeks of counseling with a guy who was trained to work with drug addicts.  He wouldn't even work with me until I had admitted that I was addicted, and I had to acknowledge that nicotine is a drug and I was hooked on it.  (I had quit 10 or 15 times over the 38 years I smoked.)


Get professional help.  Check with your hospital, the Lung Association, or the Cancer Society, and find out if there is a Quit program in your area.  If you have a therapist, work with that person.  If you need medication, patches or other crutches to get you past the hump, use them.  But you need to have a counselor so that you can get off the crutch at the appropriate time.  And as Timmer said, you have to tell yourself that you will NEVER pick one up again.  You just can't.



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