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It's lovely to meet you all.


I'm RedPanda, been lurking for a year or so but always been either too depressed to think anything I had to say would be meaningful, or too high to want to write posts on here (what? a 'crazy' person's board? but don't be silly, I'm not crazy, I'm amazing!) But some of the advice I've read has been brilliant so thought it was about time I showed my 'face'.


I'm 23, female, a student, on temporary leave from university due to brain issues, hoping to return in September to do Communication Sciences. Because I like talking. And science. And red pandas (which I only recently discovered are a thing, and they're super incredibly cute, and are the inspiration for my latest painting)


Currently trying to navigate the NHS mental health system. Anyone got a map, or maybe a compass? My GPS isn't working, keeps malfunctioning and telling me to make U-turns... 


I like making art, and am obsessed by books, to the point where I hoard them like a magpie hoards shiny things. Not that I read most of them. I just like being around them. I like having as many words around me as possible, just in case I ever need them.


Hope you're all having a good day!  :)

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