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Mentally Ill Man Tazed Now Brain Dead

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So in my city there is this big ongoing story of a man who went nuts in a gym and punched a hole in the wall and swearing and just going ape. The cops were called and he runs out into the street where the cops pull over and before doing anything else, taze the guy. The guy looks down and pulls out the tazer and throws it on the ground, does a dance. The cops taze him again and this time he goes right down. 


Now the guy is brain dead.


We learned that earlier in the week at a jiu jitsu gym he went nuts and started rolling around in garbage, then locked himself in a bathroom screaming about god, the devil, and tiger woods.. and when the big super fighters in the jiu jitsu place wrestled the door open, they found him naked, lathering in the sink with soap. He was agressive and tried to bite.. so they hog tied him and waited for police.


Anyway, the police at that time didn't do anything. (sending him to the hospital might've been a great idea, no?)


At first I thought the connection to all these gyms meant he was having some serious aggression issues on steroids.. however, the rolling in garbage, ranting about god the devil and tiger woods, and lathering with soap naked in a gym bathroom lead me to believe that this mean was psychotic. 


And our cops here ended up killing him (well his brain anyway, which is as good as dead, right?).


Its just a crazy story.






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Yeah, I was tazed in the hospital while psychotic... and I thank God nothing like that happened to me.  Tazers are generally a safe alternative to lethal force but in rare cases can be lethal.  It is a shame this guy wasn't offered help earlier. 

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in my experience, cops are reluctant to take someone in on a psych hold even though it is obviously necessary. From what I've heard from some cops I know, it's a paperwork nightmare. Yeah, like that's a good reason.

Totally fucked up. The guy should've received care. People are lucky he didn't seriously hurt someone else. Just irresponsible police work.

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