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First hospital admission

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So a little update. After rapid cycling for ages, becoming exhausted and suicidal, I had my first hospital admission for bipolar. I've suffered these symptoms for 15 years, in various cycles and was at my wits end.


I basically spent 3 weeks in there, with 3 separate discharges (2 of which) I wasn't ready for and bounced straight back.


What a humbling experience being on that side of being a patient (as an RN and previous surgical patient). We decided to cease my antidepressants and I was commenced on Geodon. I did my withdrawal from Effexor too quickly, and am having the zaps and dizziness pretty badly currently. I have access to klonopin which is helping, kind of, but as you'd all know, seeing a psychiatrist on a weekend in virtually impossible, so I'm left a little vulnerable.


I was meant to do a crisis/stepdown, but it was awful and begged my husband to come home. So here I am.


Anyone got any tips for the Effexor withdrawal? I've heard copious amounts of chamomile tea can help and I'm all for drinking that. I've also got some weird GI issues (stress? meds? who knows?) which I'm taking Bentyl for. 


Missed this place heaps. 

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Hi, I'm very sorry you're having such a bad time. I hope you'll be moving towards a stronger place very soon.


Cranberry juice with lots of water to back it up always helps me with AD withdrawal, so it might help you. Get the straight Cran Juice and not like Cranapple or Grangrape. It definitely helps with the zaps, in my experience.


Theoretically it would probably work great for flushing out benzos also, but I haven't tried, as I like to keep them in my system. :)

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