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What do you take for sleeping with anxiety(OCD) /depression?

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I posted at the end of someone else's post...sorry, I'm new and I just had a hysterectomy and I'm on Tramadol and I'm more than a little loopy at times :blink: .  haha. Anyway, I've tried Zopiclone (had to stop because of bitterness it left in my mouth all the next day) and it wasn't very effective as a sleeping pill. I tried others, can't remember their names but WOULD have, had they worked.  The only one that seemed to work was Seroquel 100mg for sleeping.  Trouble is I've been on it for so long and want to get off it because of the weight gain and the stuffy nose I get the night I take it (hard to breathe thru my nose).  I have not tried Lunesta, Ambien or any of the "newer" sleeping pills.  Can anyone suggest one that one cause weight gain?

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I don't have OCD (well, my doctor thinks I might, but I think I'm just quirky), but I do have depression and other types of anxiety. I've taken numerous sleeping pills, and the only one that has ever worked for me is temazepam. I don't think Seroquel or Ambien made me gain weight -- but they did make me sleep eat. Lunesta felt like a placebo with a nasty taste. Trazodone made me sleep for 16 hours and gave me migraines. And for some reason, clonazepam doesn't make me sleepy like it makes others. Basically, I had a plethora of side effects that made me hate all sleeping pills but this one, so I'm very biased towards temazepam. But despite being a benzodiazapine, it really won't help with your anxiety.


My mother has taken lorazepam and clonazepam and they both worked for her. I don't know the half-life of either, but I know clonazepam has a longer half-life than lorazepam. It's possible (though I am obviously unsure and am NO physician, so don't take my word on this!) that clonazepam could help you sleep at night and perhaps help your anxiety during the day. Then again, I'm unsure about the ins-and-outs of OCD, so clonazepam could be useless for that.


I truly meant for this to be helpful, but it probably wasn't. I apologize!

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