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Questioning My Bipolar Diagnosis -Just an update

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Okay I once posted here everything was all better.... well it didn't last. Any who... I haven't posted in a while so here's an update.


I think this could just be some deep emotional issues. Like my depression-I can’t tolerate screaming,I have a lot of issues because of it, and I’ve grown up in a house old of screaming and shouting parents. I love them FYI. Anger Mania- Same as the depression. Elated Mania- Idk it’s not that I have this high feeling (Except when listening to music that’s elated-that affects it) but that I love doing wild reckless…………………………………. attention seeking things- OMG I just understood it. I’m an attention seeker! :( Well at least I’m in therapy.


These are why I think I’m not bipolar and I am just generally a mess. I am going to talk to my therapist about it Monday and see what she says and if she thinks we should get off my medication and try just therapy for a while I will tell my psyche that Friday. 


Also let the record show I was adopted at 15 months from a teenage mother who neglected me-I ate off the filthy floor, no clothes, my grandmother brought the diapers, no baths, emotionally unstable home, etc.that kind of stuff.


And there's my update.

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It's really hard to be diagnosed with a chronic illness like bipolar.  Before you quit your meds you might want to think about what caused you to initially be treated, and what the basis is for your diagnosis.  There had to be some pretty good reasons, or you wouldn't have been diagnosed and prescribed meds in the first place. 


No one here can diagnose you, but depression and then wild and reckless behavior is a pretty good indication something may be wrong. 

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