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I've been lurking for a little while.  I'm not very good at writing about myself.  I've had depression and anxiety most of my life.  And most of my life has been...rather unpleasant, really [insert colorful metaphor] unpleasant.  I have major depression, dysthymia, ocd, social anxiety, general anxiety, ptsd, and some pretty bad heartbreak.  Along with that are some physical health problems too.  I've been on a lot of different meds over the years and have seen a lot of different doctors, therapists, counselors, you name it, and have been hospitalized a few times for being suicidal.  I've made five suicide attempts, the last time was about 7 years ago.  I hope one day maybe scientists can come up with something that will really help with the depression.  In the meantime, my furbabies keep me going, they're my reason for still being here.  They've got so much personality wrapped up in a little furry bundle.

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I hear you on the furbabies!  *pets cat on lap*


Welcome to Crazyboards.  I always ask new members to read the rules, just so you get a feel for how we operate.


We don't mind those colorful phrases if that's what you want to say.  There is some pretty strong language floating around this place. :)



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Adding another "HELLO"  from a member who has gotten a lot of good from CB (CrazyBoards).  There are lots of different ways to connect and to give/get support and information:  the forums, the blogs, live chat...it's an active board!


There will be people who can relate to your story.   You're not alone.



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Hey :) I agree, it's nice to know there is somewhere to get support to laugh and cry about the shit you go through when many people just don't get it! And I agree, furry things = lifesavers x

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