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The Next Generation Of Antipsychotics by the Year 2030?

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Abilify has been called a second generation AAP, However its still basically a dopamine agent.


TBH the future is in things with a novel action, One could use CBD as an example. Another one which has been interesting to look at is minocycline, an antibiotic. Once the reason for their antipsychotic activity is discovered I suspect this will be the new avenue of approach - and a new class of medications will be born.


Who knows how long it will take for these to develop though, 2030 doesn't seem completely unreasonable to me. The patents on the current medications will be running out by then, and they will have to discover newer agents to keep the profits up.

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I'm on minocycline--what's it supposed to do and at what dose?


Its meant to help a few things, But its still early days. Theres lots more to test yet before they figure out exactly what it does. Doses vary a bit but the ones listed are generally 150 or 200mg.


A study in psychotic depression.



Positive and negative symptoms.



Negative symptoms.




Drugging rats up and sending them through a maze.



Drugging mice up, Mainly targetted at methamphetamine psychosis and side effects of use but its interesting all the same.



Drugging mice up, this time PCP rather than meth.



Drugging mice up... I mainly link it because it shows one potential mechanism that it acts through.



What basically amounts to a puff piece, but its worth reading for a quick background to how it was discovered.




I'm not saying it will work, or do any of these things... but its very interesting to be looking at it because its one thing which might be in the next breed of medications.

I also recognise that lots of these are animal studies, but there havn't been that many human trials.

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