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It's the "staying up two nights beforehand" that would be the giant waving red flag for me, but that might just be because I'm bipolar and I keep a close eye on not sleeping for even one night and it foreshadows hypomania.


Also because I'm bipolar, too much sleep makes my spider sense tingle -- that foreshadows a depressive episode for me. So, I don't know what both of them coming together would mean.


I'm sorry your pdoc skipped town. Maybe he has a solution.

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Yeah. I can relate. I've slept for at least 20 hours before on many occasions. Last night I slept 17 hours. I sleep a lot when I over do it. Like I was up from 7:30am til 6pm and I had a bridal shower to go to. I just wear myself out too easily.

I fall asleep at random places too.

It's really unfortunate that our pdocs do not take this seriously and ignore it.

Have you ever been on provigil? That worked for me until I was taken off of it by a pdoc unfortunately.

I hope you find some answers soon.

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A couple thoughts assuming that your oversleeping is not related to under-sleeping in prior days.


Did you have this problem before psych meds? If so, was your sleep study one that monitored you during the day? If you are falling asleep spontaneously during the day, then you might have a problem with something like narcolepsy. I'd look into that if your problem pre-dates meds. I'm not at all expert here, but I recall that narcolepsy can also affect nighttime sleep.


I can't help but wonder about your cocktail and bp dx. I'd get a lot more forceful with your pdoc about addressing the problem. It may be a med side effect. It may be a depressive symptom in which case your meds aren't fully working. In either case, your pdoc should take the oversleeping seriously.


Last, I'd work the issue with your therapist. It's affecting your life, so it's a worthy discussion topic. Also, sleep sometimes is used for escapism. Doesn't quite sound like what you have going on, but you might as well cover the psychological bases, too.




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