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why hello :D

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Oh dear, I'm a bit computer inept so may end up destroying the entire board accidently.......Tis very nice to find a board where you can take the piss out of your own craziness and actually say how you feel for once!!!!!.....I'm doing a PhD in Archaeoanthropology doing a study of death rituals and funerary rites and I love music, a lot...the heavier the better!!!! Also love travelling and extreme sports :)

I guess my own particular brand of craziness is BP1/ PTSD/OCD and currently taking Quetiapine 200mg/Lamotrigine 200mg/Duloxetine 120mg/Valium lots of mg!! Anything else you wanna know then just ask :D


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Viken, welcome to Crazyboards.  Please read the User Agreement so you understand how we operate---it avoids misunderstandings later on.


I hope you enjoy hanging out here, and don't worry about bringing the place down.  There are plenty of us here who are total Techno-idiots and we haven't destroyed it yet!



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Hi and welcome to CB :)
I promise that you won't accidentally destroy the board. There are only three people with access to that button. We have kept it hidden from you, so that that doesn't happen. We think ahead, here.


We do ask that all new users read the new user agreement so that there's no misunderstanding about how we operate. We also have a chat function, as well as blog features, so there's lots to explore around these parts.


I think that your field of study sounds super-interesting. I'm also a metalhead. I recently saw Cannibal Corpse/Immolation/Beyond Creation, and am looking forward to seeing Wintersun (again) because they're awesome.


Looking forward to seeing your posts around.

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