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Recently Denied - Just applied for Reconsideration

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I just applied for reconsideration today after being declined a week and a half ago. My last denial along with other issues sent me to my first inpatient hospital stay for 5 days. I am hoping that helps my case. 


I have also had increased paranoia, hallucinations, and stronger mood swings. Hopsital dischagred me the second I wasn't suicidal for 24 hours although I wished I had stayed longer. It is quite possible I will end up there again in the next few weeks as I am just "off"


I am now homeless - althogh ex will let me sleep on couch for up to two weeks than I am out on the streets. 


I am hoping updated records of hospital stay and proof I went from 2 meds to 6 meds at a time - including the fact I said I tried manual labor but was unable to perform due to stress leading to psychosis helps. 


Anyone else had any success in this phase ? Think these updated records will help ? I never had a hospital stay before this. 


I am also wondering what typical wait time for reconsideration after first denial was (This is SSI / NOT SSDI - But either one's experience would help)


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Hey lanry,


I agree about looking into legal representation. They indeed do not ask for payment unless they win your case. It sounds to me like you have a case. 


I am remembering something I've read about dire needs. I have read that SS will put some cases on a faster track. For instance, some military cases, terminal illness that will result in death, and dire needs such as homelessness. Perhaps you could call your SSI case worker and ask about it? 


I cannot say how long the Reconsideration decision will take as I am just now in Recon. phase myself. Check into a lawyer and/or dire needs maybe? 


Hang in there!

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