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*a wave of the hand* (right to left, not up and down which usually means goodbye)

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Hey *a wave of the hand* (right to left, not up and down which usually means goodbye). 


Ive been here before, long time ago. Back and bruisin' since my healing and then downfall. Back to booze and disorder (my problem or treatment IDK), which is why I am here. Again.


Times have changed, and so have I.


Good to be back, kinda, no offense. I was doing great without help for a while. Although Ive realized being crazy/hyper/social/sleepless is not exactly a "healthy" reaction to stress. Maybe, not sure yet.


Dealing with sickness, a fightful marriage, no money, no excuses. However I am a rapid rebuilder of thoughts and words, sometimes amazing and sometimes empty.


I guess we will both find about me here. Atleast...I hope so.


A bit about me:

music (avid heavy metal listener and musician)

art (and my main focus right now is to just keep creative no matter through drawing or writing) clue: "bug" meaning doodlebug

I suck at school but I am really smart

I have a laregely sarcastic sense of humor left to be dealt with in small dosages


My main concern relating to here:

hyperactivity/hypomania/wtf/sleeplessness/I love life/I fucking hate life

ADHD queen

sensory bullshit

insomnia on its very colorful and bright own






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Well hello! So. . . I get the right to left thing because that's how I roll, but the up and down thing? Is this like when beauty contestants wave opening and closing their hand, or like, limp-wrist up and down? Just curious. Apparently I never say goodbye then, which is terrible, because I actually WANT to say goodbye to some people. . .probably for the rest of my life (not hoping they die of course, simply that I never see them again)


Yeah, I get that school thing! I do that too. I'm particularly lazy, and don't want to find out how dumb I am so I half-ass most things. Eh. Yay for too much sarcasm for most people to handle! Annoying, I tell you! I'll give online folks credit though, it's hard to detect in text. 


Well, sounds like fun, those things you have. I might get a few of those here and there myself. Pfft. Well, seriously, hope you get it sorted out.

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Thanks guys for the welcome, eh back.


I have read the user agreement, do not worry. And I like the new "nipple clamp" question to register. Clever :P


And Emperor, the "goodbye" wave I pretty much stole from my nephew, who actually very seriously let me knew that I waved goodbye "incorrectly". He's cute, but he's getting too damn big for his britches.


And yeah, I'm glad you get it. I'm a pretty aggressive underachiever. The fact is, I could probably do whatever the fuck I pleased. It's just that I'm too damn busy to sit still and pay attention in class, as well as too annoyed that they actually asked me to sit still and pay attention, to actually do it. I figured I might settle down and show people I can be something. But honestly right now, I really don't fucking care ;)

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