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Did the title get your attention? Well, it got my DHs attention.


I have been having this issue, with sleep. I do not have any significant signs of a sleep disorder, however I must admit my sleep is disordered.



I do not like to sleep. My best days are when I have 0-6 Hours of sleep. My main issue is that I have a horrible time getting to sleep, IE it takes me 5-12 hours to get to sleep. I do get tired, but it's more of "exhaustion" rather than sleepy. Physically and mentally I am exhausted but I am not tired enough to sleep. So when I do feel the need to rest I will lay down, however slowing my mind down is nearly impossible (if possible at all).


My issue:

When I do sleep, I actually sleep really well. I am rested, and I feel alert. However I find that the longer I sleep, when I initially wake up I am very confused and disoriented. As in, when I first wake up for about 2-5 mins I will babble to my husband about random and unusual things.



I am a very vivid dreamer, and I remember my dreams. And the "topics of discussion" in the morning are seemingly not the same as the topics of my dream.

I am unmedicated.

I have had taken Benadryl and Trazadone to help my insomnia but they do not help me get to sleep, and both actually made my morning confusion worse.

I have had insomnia issues for the past couple months. I tried Benadryl and Trazadone a few weeks ago, and that was the first time I started having confusion.


I am at a loss of words and wisdom, and I must ask if you do not mind blunt...what the fuck is going on?? Any suggestions??

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0 - 6 hours of sleep is not healthy, not normal.


You already know that your sleep issues could be hypomania.  If you a shrink and got the sleep issues treated, and a possible DX then some of those marriage problems might disappear.


Treatment is a good thing.  Though you have been through the wringer with a plethora of DX.

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Thanks all for the replies :) I apologize for not getting back here sooner, but shits been crazy.


I tend to get on a semi "normal" sleep schedule when I work morning shifts at the shop, so the past week I have been going to bed around 10-11 PM and getting around 7-8 HRS of sleep. However I still awake with the same issue.


This week however, closing the shop is a different story. Which I am actually looking forward to considering I am usually in better spirits. However I had the confusion then as well.


I can not find a pattern.


I used to see a psychiatrist and a talk therapist, but I am not so eager to return to such a dramatic team considering my past. I have been doing well this year, and I feel physically active and mentally better WITHOUT medications and certain kinds of therapy.


I do feel like certain things are coming undone, but I am worried that I will be over medicated and diagnosed with something I'm not. I have spent years of my life down that road and I do not want to travel there again :(

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