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Hello! Here's my very official introduction. I've been symptomatic since age 15, which is over 15 years. I've sought treatment for depression most winters, and until recently enjoyed the high of hypomanias in the summer. Looking back, I have a lot of classic signs of bipolar disorder. I'm really grieving the dx, and the choices I made while hypomanic. In the past few years, since having children basically, the hypomanias have become less fun and more delusional and anxious. I've been on Seroquel now for a little over a week and am adding Lamictal starting today. There's more but that will do it for me for now. I've been a member here off and on for years but started a new, non-manic identity :)

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Welcome, Sunshine!  I think it's fine to start all fresh with a new identity.


If you've been around for a while, you know that I ask new members to read the user agreement. 


Let us know if we can help  you with anything.



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