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wanting to be invisible

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My whole life I have had a strange complex of wanting to keep myself away from people, including my own family members. More recently I believe this has gotten worse. I don't like to walk around the house when other people are home so I keep myself locked in one room most of the day. When I stay at my boyfriend's house I don't leave his room because I don't want to confront his mother and be forced to speak to her. It's really very pathetic. I'm not a terribly shy person around strangers either which is the weird part. 

I think the problem lies in me having the impression that most people don't like me very much, thinking i'm a bitch or a burden. I don't get along with my family and have felt uncomfortable around them for years and yet I can't move out because I'm in college and unemployed.


Is there an actually name for this sort of complex (wanting to literally be invisible) that I could look into? 

Anyone have a similar problem?

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