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Any1 been Dx with only negative symptoms?

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Only having negative symptoms would most likely get diagnosed as depression with psychotic features. Though Residual Schizophrenia is only negative symptoms after the positive symptoms have been treated or something like that.

Personally, I have tons of negative symptoms. They were the first category symptom to affect me.

In fact if it weren't for the negative symptoms, I probably wouldn't be able to believe I have SZA. It's the negatives that make me think illness. It's the positives that make me think spiritual awakening. So without the negatives, I'd just think I'm super special (save the world special) and paranoid for good reason. Oh, and I'm grouping cognitive symptoms in with the negative symptoms.

There's just something about constantly losing my train of thought mid-sentence that makes me think ILLNESS. Originally, I thought the negatives were a brain tumor or something.

Oh, lol, and to answer your "does it get treated" question. Generally no, though it depends on the meds you can handle. Stimulants help negatives, but make positives much worse. So if you can handle a stimulant, and your pdoc is willing to Rx it, then yea. Otherwise maybe Wellbutrin (a stimulant-like antidepressant that increases dopamine a little but not enough to really cause positives to get worse) might help.

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do you mean has anyone been diagnosed with schizophrenia based on ONLY manifesting negative symptoms without presenting any positive symptoms?


if so...me: no, pretty much exactly the opposite...i'm diagnosed with schizophrenia based on manifest the three major positive ones..and i swear what negative symptoms i've endured...they weren't always there and i blame atypical antipsyotics...but..that's not what your question is so i'll leave that at taht.


however...in my family...but see it's hard to say because it's impossible for me to really even speculate how much of what i have been able to access of the contents of their heads...is that 70%...or 0.7%...? big difference and can't say which...


that said...there are two members of my extended family who *appear* from my perspective...one long deceased and one...i've not seen...maybe two/three years?...that are both in assisted care and have been for quite awhile...who at least at some point were given the "catatonic"subtype schizophrenia diagnosis...and for me...THAT is what...perhaps in error...i know little about research/criteria really for that diagnosis...what i do know is the one responded well to ECT and benzodiazepenes...which...i've seen at least one study showing that for that symptom presentation...antipsychotics might be contraindicated...so it makes sense to me that her treatment is what it as, so far as i'm aware.


that said...when i consider that when i say she's responded "well" i mean...she's still in assisted care...and will be there...barring something truly unforeseen...for the rest of her life....but from outside perspective...she's not in constant distress...quite the opposite really...she's not ...i would characterize her as....not attached to anything that i can attach to when engaging her...she's not "blank"...but....left to her own...she might literally sit in a chair until she starved to death..no shit... she understands things...she can be....like...if you say...im going to take you for a walk....you need a cardigan...she doesn't put it on herself...but she makes it possible for me to...and she let's caregivers lead her around...she'll turn her head away and not turn it back if she doesn't want to so something or hear someone...she's not mentally "not there"...but accessing her is...limited, i'd say.


like i said...those two..i've seen others whom i didn't know and didn't engage much during various hospital stays...and the picture i have in my head of "only negative symptoms" IS based on those two family members and thus extremely limited in scope...but to the best of my knowledge... what (though maybe not for long) has been diagnosed in them as catatonic schizophrenia...to me appears to  be exclusively negative symptoms.  there's no mood element at least for the one i know best...quite the opposite...


she wasn't always sick...but since she's my aunt...i didn't know her and have only heard stories...


yeah...i hope that helps...not much to go on...but might  be something to investigate if it helps you understand you diagnosis..that subtype...


best wishes

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I only have a couple negative symptoms. Sometimes I have lack of motivation, anhedonia, and lack of energy, unable to concentrate and finally blank mind at times, I can't even talk when I have the blank mind because I don't know what to say. I don't have a flat affect, at least most of the time I don't. I do have it sometimes and only sometimes. One person noticed it and wrote it down when I went to the hospital last time. That is just the admit one but during the hospital stay I had a manic episode and had anything but negative symptoms. I mainly have positive symptoms by a long shot. Hallucinations according to others and same with delusions. Occasional disorganized speech. I wish I wasn't always tired from my meds. 

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