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Risperidone side effects connected to sugar

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I would like to ask if any one taking risperidone (or any atypical) about a side effect i have developed recently.  I 've been taking this drug for 15 years or so and had read that giving up sugar when suffering from psychosis can help with the efficency of the drug, making it work better.

Well that was some months ago and i gave up sugar and true enough i was more comfortable and happy that i did such a challenging thing.

BUT....some weeks later i began to suffer from a pain in my right side soon after eating, this led to a hospital check-up and a dr's visit.


This pain was with me for a long time, off and on at meal times, my GP gave me anti-sposmadic medcation (for irratable bowel disease) and hospital scan could not find anything. I didn't take the anti sposmadics for long as they did nothing and i couldn't communicate a satisfactory diagnosis from my GP.


Anyway after a lot of discomfort and fear i was on deaths door, i realised that if i eat a helping of sugar at start of day i can get through without too much trouble


I was now back on sugar! But problem is only calmed when i continue with it.

I tried searching the web for answers to this and am sure it is because of atypicals. i have recently found the power of raw food but this increases the pain in my side and i have to avoid something i want to put my faith in.


Can anyone shed any light on this problem, if so please post...thank you


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Thanks for the info BPLADYBUG, but i am aware of the diebetes issue with atypicals.  I could be mad but i have a recollection of surfing a site a couple of years ago and reading of some atypical drug users who had the same problem as me with the same issue of needing to eat sugar to calm a pain in their sides/stomach. I don't want to be alarmist however. 


I am hoping that someone who has suffered same side effects reads through crazyboards from time to time and can tell me what it is.  I had the impression that they might do.


Well i am hopeful anyway, 


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