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Has anyone had insomnia from APs before? I just got it, I was awake for 35-40 hours then was able to sleep maybe 3-4 hours. I guess it would have gotten even worse if I hadnt stopped the medication. I am pretty sure it must have been flupenthixol for me, although Im not 100% sure.

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Abilify gave me bad insomnia. At 1mg I could fall asleep with 50mg seroquel and 30mg PRN restoril. At 2mg nothing would put me out for more than 30min at a time. I can't imagine if I had been on a standard dose.

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That's some pretty bad insomnia there. Did you call your pdoc to ask about stopping the med? That would be safest. 


Also, is it possible that you are hypo/manic?

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