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Anyone use a Verizon hotspot or broadband Fusion?

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Has anyone tried a Verizon mobile hotspot or their broadband Fusion service (exterior antennae mounted to house with router located inside)? I live out in the country (no DSL available) and use a crappy satellite from Hughes Net. The contract has finally run out so I can switch services.

I went to the local Verizon store but they weren't very helpful and it was clear they were trying to push one service over another, which immediately made me assume that the one they were the most interested in selling was probably the worst deal for me.

If I go with a mobile hotspot I will probably get a signal enhancer as the cell signal here is bad. If you have preferences for those, I'd be interested in hearing about them, too.

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I am in the country too. We use WildBlue for our Internet. It is the same as Hughes, you pay more money for crappy service. We use Verizon's home service. We have their cell phones but we could not get a signal enhancer. I don't know why.

We did use the mobile internet that connected to our computer. The only drawback at the time was the limited bandwidth available. We needed more than that and it was getting too expensive

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