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What the hell happened?

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I have had delusions come on very suddenly, but my hallucinations are usually pretty mild and benign. I remember my first psychotic episode, I just woke up psychotic. No lead up or anything, just BAM! Completely delusional. I somehow managed to hold it together at work that day, but spent the next week paranoid and still completely delusional. It still disturbs me that there was no prodromal-type symptoms, unless they were just mild or masked by my depression. 


Since I have schizoaffective disorder, I often have psychotic episodes outside of mood episodes. Psychosis plays a large role in my illness, it's probably split 60% mood problems, 40% psychosis problems. For example, this happens to me and is typical of patients with schizoaffective disorder: I was severely depressed for 7 months, then became psychotic. The psychotic depression lasted for 2 months. Then, the depressive episode ended but the psychosis continued for another 2 months afterwards. This led to my diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. 


Obviously, I'm not diagnosing you with schizoaffective disorder. Just saying what you experienced is typical for someone with SZA. 


I'm sorry you had such a scary experience, it sounds horrible. I hope you're well now!

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I have hallucinations usually to a point every day (not many though), but if I am overtired and/or stressed the hallucinations come on stronger than ever.  Idk what started them out of the blue, but maybe lack of sleep contributed to them happening.

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