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Does anyone have a good method to detect a poopout?

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Lately I've been getting the feeling my medication may be slipping.  I've been on Effexor for about 2 1/2 years.


I've been randomly having headaches and stomach aches lately and my OCD has been resurfacing.  Basically when I have OCD problems I find that I can't concentrate on any task whatsoever.  I'm constantly stuck in my head.  I can pull off the task, yet it's like I'm not really there, if that makes sense.  Sort of like watching a movie but being somewhere else, it's a terrible feeling when I detect it too.


Anyhow, this isnt really an easy answered question since you're not doctors, but how long do you usually wait when symptoms resurface to decide, well ok, this isn't working for me anymore?  And then go to pdoc and tell them.



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Extra stress really isn't something I can avoid, I'm always under some kind of stress either mentally or just RL, so I'd say I'm dependent on the drugs for keeping me above water.


I'll give it a week and then call for another appointment though, thanks for support.

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