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No More Clonapin, But Drinking Sure Helps

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You won't get in trouble, if that's what you're asking.

You're saying that you need a way to cope, and right now you're coping with what is available to you. You can tell them that you need something else to help you cope.

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I don't think you will get in trouble if you are honest with the people helping you.    They shouldn't be there to make you feel like you're in trouble (although I know sometimes it might feel that way, but they're rarely, if ever, going to make you feel like you are in trouble if you're honest).  


Telling the nurse or p-doc that you are having trouble coping is perfectly valid.  I don't think they would want you to be drinking too much.   Don't be afraid to tell them that, either.    Focus on the not being able to cope.  Rosie said it exactly right.


Good luck.   I know how hard it is to be anxious and not able to cope.    

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My sister (now deceased by the way) found alcohol the quickest and best anti-anxiety medicine.  

She became a very bad alcoholic (a raging mess when tanked) and it wrecked her life and health.

I think you can do better if you're honest.

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Some doctors/nurses are hesitant with benzos because they are scheduled drugs in some countries and have a tendency for some to become dependent (physically or mentally, or both) or even addicted (more common if you have a substance abuse history, I think).


I personally don't understand the hesitation with benzos if the person really needs them, and hasn't had an abuse problem with benzos in the past. If you're taking benzos, cut out the alcohol. Be honest with your doctors and nurses. They should not get angry with you, you're trying to cope. 

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