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First time dealing with serious anxiety...

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Hi, everyone.


I have had minor problems in the past with mild anxiety.  Where I would just get a little nervous or what I call the "I feel like I am in the wrong place at the wrong time" moment which passes after a short amount of time.  However, this seems to be entirely different.  I can't eat, I am dizzy, I can't get my thoughts together, sounds bother me... I am fairly certain of the trigger-work related stress.  


My problem is as follows: 

1. I called in sick on Friday because I was afraid that if I went in to work that I would lose it.

2.  I am not sure why I didn't call my therapist, but it probably has to with the fact that she changed offices and I hate making phone calls to places I am not sure about.

3.  My psychiatrist was out all Friday, so I couldn't speak with him. I am supposed to see him on Monday morning when I am supposed to be at work.  

4. I am on 1 mg of Ativan as needed but used up all of them in the past 3 weeks so on my own with my anxiety symptoms.


Right now I am not sure I can even set foot in the building for work.  I am having problems just thinking about looking at the homework I am supposed to have graded by Monday. 


I really don't know what to do at this point. My DH is pretty understanding, but he thinks I am making a mountain out of a molehill.  I probably am, but it doesn't help me feel better.


Should I see my dr. first or try and brave work. I really am not sure about the latter.





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just to let you know that I experience the same kind of thing with anxiety


only brave work if your feeling brave enough to handle it, get to the doctor's as soon as you can.


Secretaries really annoy me, but once you get past that you can get some help so think of it that way


I hope this is resolved for you soon, anxiety can be paralysing and makes you isolated so the sooner you get help the better.

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I can relate, too. Going through withdrawal from a med and my anxiety level is pretty high. I've had to leave work when my anxiety level is too high and have had to call out as well. Can you go in late after you see your doc?

I hate calling new places, too. What works for me is writing out the basics of what I want to say first and then making the call. I always feel better when i get it over with. For the record, I don't think you're making a mtn out of a molehill. Anxiety can be brutal! Hope you feel better soon!

I'm doing yoga tomorrow morning and attending a stress-free workshop afterwards-hoping it will help me!

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I like Jaytea's advice of writing out what you want to say--I use that too.


Have you tried any deep breathing exercises?


As for braving work, when possible, I find it helpful to face my fears head on.  I often find that once I'm in the situation that I was fearing, I feel okay.  But everyone is different and I don't want to encourage you to something that is just going to make the anxiety worse.  Perhaps it would be easier after you've seen your doctor.


I hope all goes well.

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Thank you for the advice.  I have several aspects that have aggravated the situation:


1) I just started the job 3 weeks ago

2) I was not able to reach anyone at my doctor's office. Only got the answering machine.

3) I have a test scheduled for the time I am supposed to be at the dr.  I have not been able to create the test.

4) I have no lessons planned for either course.  

5)I have to find subs for at least one class.

6) I have a lot of homework to grade for tomorrow.

6) I am not sure I can go to work after my dr.'s visit.  When I first started on Ativan it knocked me out.  I don't know what the dr. will try, but have concerns that I cannot be productive while on the medicine.


So all of these things have built up to create a massive situation for me that I am not sure I can handle right now.

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That's a lot riding on you. Do things one at a time. Make a list. Reward yourself for meeting goals, even if its something as simple as buying yourself an ice cream or something. Don't look at it as one huge project. Take breaks. Don't get overwhelmed.

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Follow up:


I was able to take off work on the Monday I was supposed to see my doctor.  He raised my dose of Ativan from 1MG a day as needed to 1-2 tablets (1mg each) 3 times a day.  That has helped a lot. 


The anxiety was due to the stress from my new job.  The Ativan did the trick and I will be done with the Summer session on July 5. 


My doctor did suggest trying to finish up the job and if I couldn't he would write a letter for medical leave.


Thanks for all the suggestions.

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