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I was diagnosed bipolar 2 at 17 and mixed type about 2 yrs ago. I was doing some reading because I have been off meds for a few months and things are just getting worse. Anyhow I read that bipolar swings have periods of normal in between. Now I am confused. I honestly do not remember a time when I wasn't hypomanic, full blown manic, extremely depressed, extremely angry, or a combination of them all at the same time.


So my question is could it be something else? My moods swing anywhere from a few times a day to consistent for over a year. It feels like just in the last 3 years I have been all over the place. The way I am right now is completely different from how I was last year and the year before that I was different from the last 2 years.


My moods never stop. I am always in some extreme there has never been a calm or what would be considered normal phase. 

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Its actually my docs fault along with the clinic he works at that I am off meds. Doc went on vacation and failed to refill my risperdone shot along with the pharmacy not being able to contact the clinic to refill my other meds. I tried for 2 weeks straight to get a hold of someone at the clinic and no one ever answered the phone or returned my voicemails. Sorry I'm a little touchy on the entire doc/meds subject still. I do have an appointment on monday (3 months later). I am hoping that he will get me back on meds. though the meds don't do much for making me "normal" or keeping me from being depressed,they do take some of the edge off of my anger.

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Wow, sounds like hell! I hope you're able to sort out some of your problems Monday.

BP is a kindling disease, which means, if left untreated, episodes can get worse. This may or may not be happening to you, I can't judge or diagnose from a few posts, but it definitely happened to me over many years. Finding a doc who can get you on the right meds and keep you stable is main priority.

Therapy can help with the anger issues, as well. Anger is a tough one when it comes to meds. Some meds make my anger worse, some just dope me up, I've never found a happy medium. There are free anger management classes around here, and as much as I hate stuff like that, it's not bad.

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