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spectrum borderline personality disorder - victoria - australia

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hello - i'm new here - and whilst i've done a bit of a search, haven't found the answer to my question. that being:


has anyone here been to/is going to/know of someone who has been involved with spectrum? : http://www.spectrumbpd.com.au/ ??


it's the only free service (that i know of) in victoria which specifically caters to borderline personality disorder & gives long term treatment. it's very much the thin end of the wedge - so many people have mental health issues and can't afford private care. a pdoctor recommended i enter around 2 months ago - and i'm still in the red tape/waiting type period with no real idea of when/if i'll be entering into the program.


if you do know anything - feel free to leave me a private message if communicating on the boards isn't your thing.



meanwhile for those with BPD - i guess i'm curious about what i can do in the meantime - if there are particular books to read that you've found helpful, things you've done etc etc.


one of my biggest issues is trying to run my own business that has been in startup mode for a couple of years, and probably will be for another year or so - making decisions, trying to sort out finances etc is super difficult with bpd, and i'd really love to just take some time off & look after myself. (for those in australia who get it - i've been accepted into NEIS - the new enterprise incentive scheme - for the third time - and put it off since jan due to my mental health, or lack thereof).

has anyone else with work/small business stories & taking time off to share? all ears.

edit - found the crazystore - going through that.

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Hey Cipher, 



There's not too many Aussies here but maybe you'll luck out and find one who knows about that program. It sounds fantastic, I don't think NSW has anything like that. 


Hopefully somebody with BPD will be able to answer your other questions, but I just wanted to say hi. Let us know if you have any other questions about CB. 

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Hey - welcome to CB :)


In terms of books - what kind of thing are you looking for?


For memoirs, I quite like Get Me Out of Here by Rachel Reiland - even though it's so old (pre-DBT) that she actually did what I believe was psychoanalysis.  A lot of people seem to like The Buddha and the Borderline, but I haven't read it.


For workbooks, the green book is very accessible and popular (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Workbook) but I find it in some ways not a representation of what professional DBT would be like.  It did help me a lot when I didn't have access to DBT though.


I also sometimes recommend Linehan's original works - Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of BPD, and DBT Skills Training Manual.  The first one is very technical and written for therapists and the second is also written for therapists but contains information and handouts from all the modules - which is literally what is done in classical DBT groups.  I found them useful in understanding what appropriate therapy ought to look like.

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Hey - welcome to CB :)


In terms of books - what kind of thing are you looking for?


what has been useful to others - i like the look of the "out of control" - i was just wondering if the newer books like the green book that you mentioned would be the way to go. thanks for your feedback. i've got a sample of the green book to go through & a copy of buddha & the borderline on order at the library - so...we'll see.

i'm just on the frustrating merry go round at the moment, and finding it tough.

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