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I Just Need To Vent A Littlle

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About my friggen boyfriend!!! I know its Fathers' Day ( even though he never sees his daughter) but I am so sick of driving him anywhere he has to go!!!!

He's going to be 31 and hasn't had his license for years!!! He is able to get it if he pays his fines, but went to Florida instead, and

even though he's unemployed, spends all his extra money on weed!


He does give me gas $ and fixes it when its broke, but I still feel the same way. I know its probably the weed but he's so unmotivated and lazy. We rarely go anywhere together or have fun together. Its also lack of money but he's so boring


So today he wants me to drive 45 minutes one way to pick him up when I just did this on Friday!!!! And his dad is going there anyway!!!!

Then what I do is snap at him or make snide remarks about his weed or beer drinking. Wrong I know!


Ok thank you I kinda feel better   :o  :o :o  :o  :o  

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