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Crazy, flighty idea or solid plan?

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I don't like living in my house.  I feel like it sucks what little energy I have, out of me.  Mostly because it is a 70 year old house and needs a lot of money & attention to maintain on top of the regular 'keep the place clean and presentable' maintenance.   I haven't always had the money to do what needs to be done to it (major things like insulation, replacing the cracked walk in the backyard & repairing/replacing the garage that looks like it could fall down at any minute) and I've not have the motivation to be a great housekeeper in the last 2-3 years (you know, the depression thing).


I have this idealistic vision of myself living in a 1-2 bedroom apartment or condo with a first floor laundry that has been built sometime in my lifetime (so the last 39 years).  My house has a icky basement that I hate going to laundry in, not to mention that my physical condition makes me put off climbing the stairs with loads of laundry.


The house is only 1100 sq ft., so it's not huge, but it's 3 levels (basement, main floor & attic).  I pay someone to mow my grass because I feel like my neighbors are all watching me while I do it, because I'm obese & I struggle a little with it & it takes me much longer than it would an average sized person.


I can't keep the house clean while living in it & think I'd do much better in that capacity with a one floor plan in an area that is nicer.  But the house needs to be cleaned before I can sell it.


My thought is this...I want to sell as many of my belongings as possible, keeping that which is sentimental or practical and move to an apartment like one I have described as above.  Once the house is empty, have a cleaning crew come in & clean it up (and have my maintenance guy do small, inexpensive repairs), then put it on the market.  


Financially, I'm fairly certain I could do this, not forever, but for several months.  


I just need help discerning if this is a feasible solution to my feeling that I want to get out of this house NOW, or if I'm looking through rose colored glasses at the idea. (Since many with depression tend to think if they change this or that about their lives it will be better, but it in actuality doesn't make anything better).


Opinions & questions are all welcome!  

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This sounds like a feasible plan to me.  There is no question about it-- houses do take a lot of maintenance work.  I've never seen myself as a "house person," simply because I don't think I would ever have the energy to take care of the property on my own.


If this is something that has been bothering you for a while and that you've given ample thought to, then I don't see why you couldn't downsize and make the move happen.  Have you already looked into condo's and apartments that fit your criteria?


It certainly would take a lot of work to get the house ready for market, find a new place to buy/rent, get the house sold, etc., and I know that depression can take a lot out of someone.  Before you get the ball rolling, I think you would want to make sure that you are feeling well enough to see the process through.

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I would check the real estate market in your area and figure out what is a realistic price for the house, and then do the math.  Is it enough to pay off the mortgage, pay for the cleaning service, and pay to continue the lawn service while it's in the process of being sold?


Have you actually checked out apartments and condos in your area?  Are you being realistic about what you can afford?  In our area, a lot of tenants have to pay heat and electricity in addition to the rent, and that can sometimes double the rent.


Do the numbers as realistically as you can, and if it works, I don't see why you couldn't do it.  Some people just weren't meant to be home-owners.  I had an aunt and uncle who lived in an apartment their whole lives.  They were fine with that, and they loved not having to do yard work and repairs.



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I don't think its an unrealistic plan at all! I live in a condo because I don't like taking care of a house. I lived in a rental house for a few years and could hardly keep my lawn mowed lol.

Houses are a lot of money and work to maintain them, that's for sure. I'm just not a house person.

Looks like this may take a lot of planning on your part (sell house, etc).so I hope you have some support.

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I have about 4 different apartment complexes in the area I'm interested in that I can contact for information.  I also have realtor who is willing to come look at my house and tell me what I can list it for...I just hope he can look past what is & look at what can & will be once it's empty & clean.

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I did this.  My circumstances were a bit different, but I did what you're talking about doing.  I actually did it in two steps-- from a 2500+SF 3 story house to a 1300 SF rental to a 900 SF apartment.


It was the best thing I could have done  for myself.  My life is so much simpler.  Laundry is right out my door.  Utilities are low, maintenance fixes everything.


When life is crazy, you have simplify.  Simplifying your living arrangements both logistically and financially takes so much weight off, it's just amazing.

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Would it make sense to have a cleaning crew come in before you have a real estate agent look at it?  I know there are services that will also de-clutter besides the just plain cleaning.  On the other hand, there's a lot to be said for packing a suitcase and not looking back....  


I find having a lot of stuff around is really demoralizing, I'm the child of a world-class hoarder and that's how I grew up, so cleanliness is next to sanity for me.

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