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Any1 discussed drug use with their psychiatrist

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I want to do some coke this year, I did some last year but now I am on SSRIs and I have heard its okay to do together, but my psychiatrist said its ruled out because of my psychotic episode but I am thinking it should be okay if I just take a double dose of anti psychotics with the cocaine.

Has any1 done coke, amphetamines or ecstacy while on SSRIs or anti-psychotics.

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Doing coke while on psychotropic drugs is just a bad idea, man. Don't do it. It's not worth risking psychosis. No one here is going to tell you how to do it safely, if that were even possible. 

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I've read that doing MDMA (AKA ecstasy) and taking anti-psychotics (APs) negates the effects of taking MD, so what would be the point in doing it, anyways? I am not a chemist nor a physician, but it probably works the same way with coke.


I just did a bit of googling and it seems some ppl on forums talking about some "SWIM" guy (haha :P) say APs can help them sleep after taking some drug, or cut out the effects in case of a bad trip... but this, I think, is highly dangerous. Nobody should be medicating themselves, even less so with APs. Just be aware of this.


(I'd recommend you checking out a particularly good website with lots of experience reports that you could check out to better inform yourself, but I'm not sure if I am allowed to do that on the forums; if you PM me I'll send it to you)

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I heard doing MDMA while on SSRIs negates the effects of MDMA but I am talking about coke which is a SNDRI. 


I know what site you are talking about btw I am a member of those sites. I am not looking to do this safely I just want to know if its safe to do and interested to know what conversations people have had with their doctors.

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I doubt you will get an affirmative that its safe because no one really knows, I mean sure people might have done it and got away with it - but was it actually safe?

Due to the illegal nature of it, Its hard to do studies that would show the true nature of the interactions. Theres no doubt that the interactions exist though. It sounds like you are basically asking for someone to tell you to do it so the blame if it fails can be passed off to someone else, I mean if they said it was safe... it wouldn't be your fault, right?


What do you actually gain by doing coke? and what do you risk by doing it? The gains are minimal while the risks and potential fallout are not. Don't take stupid risks just because you can, You're not a teenager anymore. Doing things just because you can and damn the consequences is fucking stupid.

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This is a completely inappropriate topic for this forum.





This forum is for people struggling with addiction and trying to get better, and for others to offer them support.

It is not the random dumping ground for questions about recreational drug use, self medication, how to circumvent your doctor's advice, pro-marijuana crusades, and other similar endeavors.

Addictions don't have to be physical to be risky, dangerous, or damaging. Many people get addicted to things that are medicinally useful and prescribed. Gambling, shopping, sex, video games, and more, have been and are addictions for many.

Keep this board on-topic. Don't glorify past or current use. Overcoming an addiction can be a very long and difficult struggle, and not all addictions are overcome right away or on the first try. Please, in this space, respect that.


Don't do it.  And especially don't come into this forum and ask about how to do it.  I am locking this thread.


I am 100% open with my doctors about my history with drug abuse and anything current I may have gotten up to (eg: I get strong urges to abuse drugs when I am swinging into a bipolar episode, and sometimes I cave in.)  This is because it is important that my doctors know things like potential symptoms, and substances that may still be in my system in case of drug interactions.


There are sometimes places elsewhere on CB where you may encounter discussion of drugs and meds, where the focus is clearly not on overcoming or struggling to overcome an addiction.  You may note that those are not on the addictions forum.  Yes, I am very protective of this space.





Few more things.  An important bit from our New User Agreement:



If you want to talk about your involvement in any past or present illegal activities, that's fine by us but if any law enforcement officials come knocking on my door I'm going to give them what they ask for.


Another suggestion to check out a more harm-reduction focused place, though I caution you since not all such resources that you may find will manage to have accurate information.


Taking MDMA with an SSRI may or may not reduce the MDMA effects for someone, I actually know people who have done this and I even did it in the past and it did NOT reduce effects, it was very stupid of me because of increased risk of serotonin syndrome/serotonin toxicity.


Coke is another substance that can fuck with your serotonin, as does an SNRDI, and combining the two will also increase your risk of serotonin syndrome/toxicity.

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