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freakin stupid

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I have major rage issues n its really hard to control . It can get so bad I'll black out n do something stupid.

Well tonight I put my fist through a window. Now I'm getting stitches on 2 of my fingers n I'll b having to get surgery on one cuz I sliced the tendon in half .

So guess what I'm getting at is anyone else go though these rages where either u or someone else gets seriously hut?

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that kind of rage comes from a serious mixed episode, for me.  please tell your pdoc about it.  you don't want to do damage you can't undo, like hurting someone else, or hurting yourself irreparably.  or even smashing objects you can't replace (i still have so much guit over that).  yeah, again, call your pdoc immediately.  a med tweak could put an end to the rages really quickly.

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I have n appointment today. I've been off meds for over a month Cuz my doc went on

Vacation n I've been unable to get refills I'm

Hoping this will help I've been dealing with this uncontrollable anger for over a week n last night's trip to the ER made it worse

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Could this rage also be related to you trying to get off meth? I'm sure it's extremely hard on the body and mind to cold turkey off meth. Have you considered getting professional help for you addiction? Sorry if that's already been asked of you, I haven't kept up with your other thread, but will read it shortly. 


Another possibility, like Lysergia said, is a mixed episode. In your other thread, you mentioned rapidly changing moods and feeling out of control. That sounds like a mixed episode to me. I'm not a doctor though, so I'm not diagnosing you, just speculating. 


I think you need to talk to your pdoc as soon as possible. It sucks that they're on vacation. Is there a replacement pdoc you can talk to? Can you talk to your GP about getting the meds you need? Perhaps your GP can prescribe you meds in the interim. 


I'm sorry you hurt yourself, that really sucks. I'm also sorry you're feeling so bad lately. I hope you can get the care you need. 

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I'm sorry you hurt yourself, and I'm sorry you need surgery. Rage is a bitch and it's the worst.

Definitely tell your pdoc. Make sure he/she knows everything so you can be properly treated.

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