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Effexor and Drinking

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I'm on 75mg of Effexor, I had a problem to begin with drinking and now it's worse I can drink lots sometimes and not feel it.  Is it possible to stop drinking on this med or not.  Has anyone here stopped while taking this med and I gained a lot of weight I'm sure a lot of the weight gain is from drinking so much too.   It's like a bell goes off in my head everyday around 3:00-4:00 and I know when I get home from work I will drink. 


I can't stop taking this med now my husband has recurrent cancer and it keeps me calm enough that I can deal with running to doctors and hospitals.   I never even was able to enter a hospital without getting extremely anxious and feeling shaky like I wanted to pass out but now no problem since on Effexor. 


So what do I do about the drinking?  I have tried a number of times to get sober the longest was 23 days.

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I can relate to a lot of what you said. I took effexor while drinking and gained a lot of weight from the effexor and the booze. The only way i was able to quit drinking was through rehab and now I've been sober for a bit over 3.5 years. I did intensive out patient at a facility that also specialized in other dx (sex addiction, mood disorders, eating disorders). I got help for my alcohol addiction and my bipolar/ptsd/depression, etc. I have done the med rollercoaster for a while but have finally found a good mix-which doesn't include Effexor.


In my experience (and from what I learned at in IOP & intensive therapy) I had to get sober to find a good mix of meds. When I got sober my brain went through a lot of changes and more underlying issues were discovered.I started to understand that I was self medicating with alcohol/other stuff  b/c of my depression, anxiety & mania. After getting sober, it was easier to find meds that worked for me!

I'm sorry to hear about your struggles and your husband. Hope this helps!

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This isn't an issue with Effexor.  This is an issue with your alcohol addiction.


SSRIs and other psych meds can make it so you don't feel the effects of alcohol as quickly, but it's really dependent on the medication and the person taking it.


The Effexor is working, so the most obvious solution is that you start getting a handle on your alcohol addiction.  AA seems to be the route that most people take, but there are other ways to beat addiction as well.  We have an addictions board here that's dedicated to supporting recovery that you may want to check out.

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