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Mixing AC's and Provigil/Modafinil

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My question is: Most AC's work by increasing GABA in the brain thereby making neurotransmisters less potent in the brain. Keppra seems to work in a similar way. Provigil seems to lower GABA and this seems to promote "wakefulness," so by taking provigil (which some of you guys are doing), am I defeating the full purpose of AC's as mood stabilizers?

I am no pharmacologists (believe me) but I can give you my experience w/ Provigal and Lamictal.

First started taking Provigal to help relieve lethargy caused by lithium, Seroquel, Klonopin cocktail. Worked well @ 100 mg. for about a month then it fizzled out. Went up to 200 mg. while dropping the Seroquel and it helped a good bit.

Started Lamictal and Provigil worked well until I reached 150 mg. (50 mg. a.m.) Lamictal. Provigil pooped out or should I say, I felt VERY strange. Mildly agitated and depressed. I don't know if it is the Provigal, the Lamictal or just a damn phase. I felt better than I've ever been for about 8 weeks on lithium, Lamictal (50 up to 125 mg.), Provigal, Klonopin.

I'd hate to think I was hypomanic for 8 weeks but I don't believe that was the case. I felt really good but not with all the other nuttiness that comes with hypomania.

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Thanks for replying to my post. By any chance, do you keep a mood journal? It's really helpful in seeing your moods, anciety, and irratability vary over a long period of time. It seems a lot of doctors are now prescribing provigil to counter-act sedation.

I read most of the recent journal articles on Provigil/modafinil, and it seems people don't generally develop tolerance over time, and it is least activating of all CNS stimulants. Though, some doctors are now using it as anti-depressants.

I don't keep a mood journal though I probably should. The pressing question for me is a.) is this a 'mood' swing along the lines of bipolar disorder? b.) is this a side-effect of med change? c.) is this a 'normal' mood? d.) who the hell knows anymore?

My doc rx'd Provigil after I asked for something to kill the continual mild depression that lithium couldn't fix and the sedation caused by Seroquel. I can't take ADs because they make me manic. Provigil did provide a slight lift that helped with this.

I think my Lamictal dose is a tad too high. I need to call doc.

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